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Cheap things that will improve your photography a lot !

Let’s review some of the cheapest things that you can buy to improve your photography.

If you are nature lover and you shot a lot of landscapes, or maybe you love the astrophotography and night-photography then the bellow list is a must for you

  • Trpods – It must not be expensive, you can get one for under 100€. All you need is a stable tripod to mount your camera and start shooting nice sharp images.
  • Infrared Remote trigger –  these tiny 5$ thing will open a lot of photography options that you cant achieve without it, especially when it comes to long exposure photography or on images with high demand of sharpness. You could even use it for family photography where you want be in front of camera, instead of setting timer and run like a crazy to pose.



After you got the above equipment, start to think about some filters that will allow you to be more creative.

  • CPL Filters – Eliminates the reflection and boost the colors. Prices can be variable but here are some brands that offers nice quality filters for small price. I have one that costs 40$ witch is middle grade but it works for me just fine. As long you are not make money from your landscape photo-shooting, don’t bother to buy super expensive filters.
  • ND Filters – These filters used for long exposure photography. Here I found that prices are more accurate and the cheapest ND filters performing not so good and the image quality is really bad, so go at least for middle grade pieces to take proper results on your images, they are still affordable and will really open the doors in completely other world of photography for you.

If you are in love with Portrait photography, then you have to got:

  • High Speedlight Flash – You will think now that these gear don’t belong to the cheapest category but you are wrong, the China products are not always so bad as we think. Yongnuo created some models that are compatible with many DSLR cameras that have flash shoe. Don’t be afraid of “Made in China” label, they are very good.
  • Flash diffusor – You don’t really want to see always harsh shadows on your models face right ? Diffusors can be really cheap (even studio sets with umbrellas). Once you start understanding their function, you will love the Portrait photography even more.
  • Reflectors – additional to the set for Portrait photography comes reflector pads. They do what they are obviously are made to do, reflect the light. Usually you need an assistant who will care it or a light stand with an mount adapter for reflector pads.

Few more general things that you may not have yet but you need them:

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