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Landscape photography success recipe

How many times you have come back from a trip with hundreds of photos thinking that you will fill your album with nice photos but suddenly   you discover that you mess up with the camera settings and your images are overexposed or underexposed too much, that’s a pain in a** right ? and the most sad part is that sometimes we have only one chance to be on these unique places.

So first of all before even unpack your camera from your backpack:

  • Start thinking workflow
  • Analyze the light condition
  • Think about the mood you want to give to your composition
  • Oh yes composition right, compose your scene, use all the available subject to do it, other way you will get just your 1000xxx snapshot of your life instead of a great photograph
  • do you need any filter in current situation ? for best sharpness avoid them until you really need them.

If you follow all the above tips, then you are on good way to success but… many times the light condition are not ideal and you have uneven parts in your scene with some very bright sky, dark forest, reflective water etc. what to do in these situation ? just take one image on the proper exposure is very risky and you may end up with nothing but a trash. Well that’s why it is much more secure if you set your camera on multi bracketing setting and your shutter on continues mode and shot the same scene on many different exposures (actually your camera will do it for you, just set it up properly) and then blend them together in 1 HDR (High Dynamic Range) image that will contain HUGE amount of information available for you to do what you want. Below you can see one example that i recorded for you, depending on your interest maybe i will make a live tutorial on landscape shooting process also.

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