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Lightroom CC – How to change the mood of your photos

Photography is all about the light that we capture with our camera. Many times we are not able to wait for the right moment in result to take photos which have completely other mood than we want. The proper way to get professional photograph is of cause to wait for the right moment and that is what the most photographers doing. However there is also an alternative solution and that is the fine post-processing of the captured RAW format.

You will be not able to get the same results by editing an JPEG format,  for more information read these article.

Let me show you an example:

Simulated warm sunset colors by adjusting the white balance of the sky

As you see, by using just one graduated filter and playing with the white balance and few other parameters, i manage to change the mood of the sky to something completely different from the original image.

To get the proper results on your images you have to set the slider settings individually for each image. There is no Luts (pre-settings) packages out there with the 100% proper settings for your photos, they could achieve some effects but not more than that. Experimenting with your photos is the best way to start understanding the light and how it affects the mood of the scene.

Here few more examples, to give you a taste of what are you able to do with your photographs by playing with the light parameters in Lightroom CC. 

Boosted Exposure, applying some color adjustments and simulated the sun beams in Photoshop (processing time: 15min)
HDR image taken with old 12MP Dslr. Blended and edited only in Lightroom CC: graduated filter on sky, highlights, white balance, contrast adjustments (processing time: 5 min)

If you already have a DSLR camera, get these advantage of the RAW files and don’t limit your self cause of the poor light conditions, you saw that the abilities of these format let you change your photograph in core.

Whether you are hobby photographer or just Instagramer who want a nice feed page, use the above tips to improve your photos and bring them to an other level.

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