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Photoshop – How to fix the blurry image and make it stunning sharp just in few steps.

Sometimes when we are outside for shooting landscapes or whatever else we can’t review the clarity of our photographs on the small camera screen. It is not a secret that every micro movement of camera especially on slow shutter speed can cause a blurry image.┬áSo when we come back and put the images on big monitor we may been disappointed with the results.

Thankfully Adobe developed for us the “Shake Reduction” filter that can save some of that images and make them look much more better.

Solution Step by Step:

  • Insert your image in Photoshop and select the layer
  • Go to Filter > Sharpen > Shake Reduction
  • In the opened window you will see a selected area witch you can move along the image and make it even bigger or smaller. Depend on your image and the shake issue that it haves probably you have to play with these area and see what works for you better. Click on the small window on the right to see the difference.

For the current image it give me the best results after double applying of the filter. To do so you can just go to the Filter menu and repeat the same effect by click on the last applied filter or hold Alt+Ctrl+F.

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