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Why am I moved to Nikon D750?

Those who already follow me on Instagram account (@artsa_photo), did used to see the classic posts of photographs that I was capture with my entry-level DSLR Nikon D5500 in combination with the cheap kit lens AF-P 18-5mm f3.5-5.6 VR. The main goal was to show to the people, how great and powerful can be such DSLRs now days and to prove one more time that the main factor of a good photograph is the person behind the camera and not the gear it self and there is no doubt about that.

But why are all Professional photographers use the expensive gear then? isn’t that stupid, if they would be able to provide the same professional photographs with less expensive cameras? The answer is yes and no at same time. YES, because in fact a good photographer can take amazing photos even with an old Kodak film cameras and NO, because of missing the PRO’s DSLR functions, he would miss a lot of great moments during some events like wedding, while he would need twice as long to set the proper settings before be ready to take the picture or because he’s camera would not be capable to focus in dark environment, and there are plenty factors that could ruin the job process if you miss all those advantages of PRO DSLR. So, there is a reason why PRO’s pay these crazy amounts to get their job done. But let’s turn back to our point.

I was able to capture some great moments with my compact, light and inexpensive Nikon D5500 kit, and with some adjustments in post-production the final results were more than just good, few of them won even awards in photo contests, where was posted images taken with super expensive cameras like Nikon D5, Canon EOS 1D X, etc. So why am changed to the Nikon D750 which costs almost 3 times more than the D5500?

The answer is obvious. As we are able to do really great things with the modern entry level DSLRs, it is naive to think that they are same good with the Pro level cameras abilities. Most differences between these categories are probably not even worth of attention for Hobby photographers who are just click the button while having the camera on Auto mode, these people will never notice any differences of these cameras. More advanced photographers who already know what the exposure triangle is, what is the ISO and how it affects the image quality, what’s the advantage of full frame sensor and the importance of having quick access settings buttons on your body, only these people will be really able to understand why they are paying the 3x 5x or even 10x more money for a camera body and fast lenses.

So now let’s put the Nikon D5500 and D750 down and compare them to realize if there is any sense in the price difference. You can view the full detailed comparison on my favorite website  that provide all the information in deep.

Reasons to choose Nikon D750 over Nikon D5500

21 advantages

 Number of Focus Points51 vs 39
 Number of Cross Type Focus Points15 vs 9
 LCD Screen Resolution1.229k dots vs 1.037k dots
 Viewfinder Coverage100% vs 95%
 Continuous Shooting6.5fps vs 5.0fps
 Battery Life1230 shots vs 820 shots
 Headphone PortYes vs No
 Environmental SealingYes vs No
 Color Depth24.8 vs 24.1
 Dynamic Range14.5 vs 14.0
 Low Light ISO2956 vs 1438
 Sensor Pixel Area35.66µmvs 15.28µm2
 Top LCDYes vs No
 Optical Viewfinder TypePentaprism vs Pentamirror
 AF Micro Adjustment (Fine Tune)Yes vs No
 Shutter Life Expectancy150000 cycles vs 100000 cycles
 AF Motor in bodyYes vs No
 Storage Slotvs 1
 Smartphone_remote controlYes vs No
 Min Focus SensitivityEV -3 vs EV -1
 Autofocus at f/8 aperture11 points vs none

As you see there more reasons why you are paying this money. Personally, the main reasons why am I moved to the D750 are the folowing

  • Hight ISO quality
  • Focus system
  • Color Depth and Dynamic Range
  • Min Focus Sensitivity
  • Environmental Sealing
  • Get most out of my lens quality (Refer to Dxomark)

Something that is not to see on the above comparison is the HSS flash (High Speed Synchronization) ability of the Nikon D750, which you don’t have on the D5500. For a photographer who is shooting Portraits outdoor is a very good and sometimes even necessary option to have.

So yes, the price has its reason to be 3x higher than Nikon’s D5500. The Nikon D750 is one of the most popular “budget” semipro-DSLR that offers even more than you paying for.

By saying that, I want to remind once again to those AUTO-Mode shooters, that all the above advantage points would make sense only if you are familiar with the advanced photography settings and your goal is to get the best results out of every shutter click. There is no reason to pay over 1 grand dollars for DSLR without knowing how to get all the best out of your camera. If you never planning to get into commercial world of photography, or just want to capture some beautiful family moments during a trip, birthday party or whatever similar, go get an entry level DSLR like the Nikon D5500 and believe me it will cover your photography tasks more than you need.

The good news for the starters is that on this blog you can find tutorials and articles that will help you understand the basic settings of photography and how to improve yourself. Then you could start thinking about upgrade your equipment to semi-pro or even pro level.

What is your opinion upon these Thema ? let me know in comments bellow.

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